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Inclusive, simple, and modern, Sonaide : Artificial Intelligence serving the Silver Economy, integrable and adaptable to your needs.

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Foeme d'ondes avec un stétoscope, illustrant l'analyse sonore de sons ambiants

Enhance your offering

Offer your customers a new, more discreet and modern way of detecting alerts. Enhance your service offering with Sonaide AI.


Collaborating with Sonaide offers you the opportunity to stand out with innovative technology. Be a modern player in the Silver Economy and trust our expertise in Artificial Intelligence.

Improve your performance

Sonaide AI allows you to complement your existing detections. If your users don't wear your device enough, Sonaide will always be there.

Sonaide, the benevolent AI.

Derived from the research of its founders in Artificial Intelligence for detection and analysis of ambient sounds in a French research center, Sonaide detects all forms of distress through sound using Artificial Intelligence. Our technology captures and analyzes everyday sounds to detect subtle variations in usual behaviors, thus offering early intervention to preserve autonomy and improve quality of life.

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une icône de coeur, avec des ondes autour, pour symboliser l'IA bienveillante
Deux formes d'onde qui se chevauchent

Sonaide AI 

Our added value is our ability to develop AI with a limited dataset, allowing us to be faster and more efficient with equal performance.

In line with our data models and our unique training method, we anticipate the standards of tomorrow. Whether it’s for SCA-IP or traditional intercom systems, our technical monitoring will be an additional asset in our collaboration.

Data is processed locally to ensure the confidentiality and security of personal information.

Who is Sonaide technology for?

Mélange d'onde sonore et de circuits imprimés  symbolisant la technologie

Manufacturer and hardware supplier

Integrate Sonaide AI directly into your products and enhance your assistance solutions.

Silver Economy start-up

Monitor your patients remotely and respond to alerts by establishing direct contact with them without automatic movement.


Do you already have a teleassistance service or are you looking to create a new offering to improve the care of elderly individuals?

Researchers or project leaders

Are you a researcher or are you looking for a use case for a project call?

Sonaide, a tailor-made solution

Le Galet Sonaide sera disponible en octobre 2024. Saisissez l'opportunité d'être parmi les premiers à intégrer notre IA flexible et évolutive. Profitez d'une technologie innovante et devenez un acteur clé de la Silver Économie.

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