Residences for Independent Living

Do your residents forget or refuse to wear devices like pendants, alert buttons, or bracelets? Choose Sonaide, an innovative, modern, and discreet technology.

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A device that is not worn

Do your users find existing devices stigmatizing, outdated, or even discriminatory? Our users quickly forget about the Sonaide technology, which is discreet and inclusive.

Alerts and Independence

Sonaide's AI detects emergency calls by sound and helps anticipate the loss of independence of your residents.

No systematic movement required

Thanks to AI and intercom systems, the support staff can perform remote verification, eliminating unnecessary trips back and forth.

Adopt Sonaide for your residence.

We assist your caregiving staff and residents with our sound detection system: our Artificial Intelligence detects all types of alerts and notifies your staff in case of shouts, cries, or moans. With intercom capabilities, caregivers no longer need to move systematically to verify situations.

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How does it work?


Once activated, Sonaide uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to detect calls for help, moans, shouts, and cries.

In case of detection, here's what happens:


Detection : Sonaide's AI detects the alert

The device calls the on-duty staff.


Direct contact is established with the user to verify the situation.

intercom / vocal


If necessary, emergency services are contacted (by the on-duty person).

The Touch Teleassistance Center  ?

The Touch Teleassistance Center resembles a tablet fixed to the wall. It provides a clear display of the time, weather, temperature, and an alert button. Once activated, the AI continuously monitors and manages alerts, 24/7.

              Easy to install

              Easy to use

              Discreet and modern

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Une tablette informatique qui s'apelle "le centre de téléassistance tactile" , il y a un fond bleu, a droite l ameteo, a gauche l'heure, en haut a gauche le logo Sonaide, et un bouton rouge pour appeler à l'aide ci besoin

Sonaide and Autonomy

The Touch Teleassistance Center is installed in each apartment. It is the one that detects sounds in case of an alert and will soon analyze daily the early signs of loss of autonomy based on:

            Your residents' hygiene

            The quality of their sleep

            Their nutritional autonomy

            The loss of social connections

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Solution Residences

  • Touch Teleassistance Center (Embedded Sound AI)
  • Tablet Installation
  • Detection of emergency alerts
  • Centralization of alerts to the on-duty employee
  • Replacement equipment
  • 4-year update including:                                        Your residents' hygiene                                                    The quality of their sleep                                                Their nutritional autonomy​                                            Evaluation of the GIR

Be innovative and inclusive : build with us the teleassistance of tomorrow. 

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